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Lifestyle marketing is a marketing approach that a brand defines itself according to the ideals and values ​​of its target audience is identifies with. Brands using this approach put their “why” at the center of their communication and inspire. This creates the idea that using the brand's products brings people closer to the lifestyle they want to live. This is what motivates people to use this brand.

Lifestyle marketing is far beyond a product or a service. It centers on the sensitivities of the target audience, and "personal" brand communication that develops around them. For example, consider Nike. Nike created a great sense of belonging for the users with a strategy that everyone can make sports. Nike and its products have become a way of life for everyone who's into sports  and needs to increase their self-confidence. We can say that when you communicate with a strategy that will strengthen the consumer's connection with themselves and fit their ideals and lifestyle, you are in a completely different playing field.

If you want to build a meaningful brand and create a community, you can contact us for brainstorming together.

All the research we have done in the last few years shows us that: The consumer no longer trusts the states or big corporations but the brands in the environmental and social crises we are experiencing. They expect brands to develop meaningful products and actions to fill the humane gaps that increasingly global corporate structures ignore. This of course, comes with a great responsibility for marketing professionals. Lifestyle marketing, which is a much deeper and more personalized approach than traditional advertising, accelerates the process of creating bonds the target audience with the brand and helps to build brand loyalty on solid foundations.

We believe that the brands of the future are “Meaningful Brands” that prefer to be human and environment-oriented rather than consumer-oriented, and always consider the benefit for individuals and societies. We position our brands carefully at the very beginning, establish communication strategies in line with brand dynamics so that they can tell their stories sincerely, and manage digital tools in a way that integrates with each other.

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