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Sustainability touches every moment of life, every sector and every business model. It basically means providing the needs of today without compromising the basic vital needs of future generations economic, environmental and social resources. "Sustainability" is among the marketing trends of 2021. Along with the global warming, climate crisis and pandemic process, now it appears as one of the key sensitivities of the consumers.

First of all, you shouldn't forget that the concept of sustainability should not be approached as a "trend" that will not be remembered in a few years. We are at a time when it's necessary for each individual, brand and institution to take responsibility for the planet to alleviate the crisis in the world. And every step counts.

88% of those who participated in the survey by Futerra in 2018 said that they expect brands to be pioneers to live more sustainably.

In the Sustainability and Consumer Habits survey conducted by CGS in 2019, 28% of the respondents mentioned that sustainability was a strong criteria in their purchasing decisions and 35% of them mentioned that they could pay 25% more for a sustainable product.

When we have reached in 2021, we see that the concept of "sustainability" has rapidly gathered brands and consumers around it, along with the pandemic.

CGS conducted the same survey in 2021, and this time, 61% of respondents stated that sustainability is an important criterion when making a purchase decision.

57% of those surveyed by McKinsey in 2020 say they have made significant changes in their lifestyles to reduce their environmental impact, and more than 60% say they prefer environmentally friendly products.

The biggest buying motivation for the young consumers of the Z generation is now environmentally friendly criteria. Consumers are becoming more conscious, their consumption habits are transforming and they want to see brands change as well.

We develop projects and collaborations for brands that want to take a step towards sustainability, and create communication strategies for brands with sustainable products and business models.

If you have a social and environmental benefit-oriented story to tell, contact us and let's grow your brand together.

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