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Client: Derishow

Timespan: 2019-2021

Key focus: Brand Positioning, Concept Design,  Corporate Identity, Lifestyle Marketing, Blog Management, Blogging

Lifestyle content plays an effective role in establishing brand loyalty on strong foundations by bringing the brand and the consumer together at common ideas. With the right strategy, the brand that communicates with its target audience through lifestyle content, turns into a living, speaking, and humane brand.


When considering the changing perceptions of the target audience and changing marketing trends, we have repositioned Sinpaş not only as a brand that sells houses but also as a brand that designs living spaces and therefore builds a quality life. That's why we named this new medium "Live in Sinpaş" as the new face of Sinpaş.

“An inspiring life guide from decoration to art, home to city life”

Live in Sinpaş

Logo Desıgn

Finans Şehir'de Bir Gün

We chose the topics on Live in Sinpaş according to the interests of the target audience, and our motto was "An inspiring life guide from decoration to art, from home to city life". We positioned Live in Sinpaş as an inspiring and moving platform with meaningful content as a "Life Guide of the New Urban Citizen”. We generated an intense blog communication focusing on quality life and sustainability under the topics of Art, City, Wellness, Home.

Live in Sinpaş started as a blog, then the Instagram account has turned into a meeting point for followers who are fond of good living. This lifestyle blog was followed by inspiring Instagram posts, wellness events, meetups, and brand collaborations.

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